Tip of the Iceberg

download_mediumGoing to try to keep this post short, because there’s so much going on in my head that it would be really easy to ramble. My cup is runnething all over the damn place today :)

I got a callback from Hickory Nut Gap Farm and have an interview with them on Friday. It’s for a part-time retail sales associate position at their farm store, Friday and Saturday only. I’m hoping to negotiate for a) more hours, and b) a slightly higher rate, but if they were to offer me a spot at their current asking pay and hours, I’d jump at it anyway. It’s borderline irresponsible: the farm is about 40 minutes from home, so net after taxes and gas won’t be much. But the experience, oh, the experience!

So trolling on their site led me to Imladris Farm and Cycle to Farm, which led me to Looking Glass Creamery (which set my mind to spinning about how delicious Clemson’s blue cheese was when we visited there a couple of years back, and how eager I am to try out some of the recipes in Ashley’s Home Dairy book). Earlier in the week, I found Sow True Seed and Farmer Jane’s Goat Milk Soaps through her site too. Seeing strawberries from Florida in the grocery store reminded me that the rhubarb will start poking its head out in the farmers market soon, and while I’ve never tried it, I’d love to see what all the fuss is about.

I’m collecting containers everyday, cast-offs that would normally go in our recycling bins but which I’m instead gathering for seed starting. I haven’t heard back from the property management company on whether or not I’m allowed to put raised beds in, so I’m operating as though I have to use containers. Still haven’t found my herb seeds, but this week I’m planning what-all to plant in the Spring, and I’ll be making a trip to Sow True really soon.

Why did we wait so long to move here? When I see all the opportunities to eat locally, live sustainably, and what incredible community resources are available here, I’m overwhelmed with this feeling of being home. I want to visit the facilities of every link I just posted. I want to tell everybody in the area about these wonderful products, and I haven’t even tried half of them myself yet.

I pray that Hubs is half as happy as I am about being here. I’m pretty sure he is, he definitely likes the apartment, and he’ll feel more at home once he’s secure in the knowledge that he has a pain management doc nearby and a steady supply of his meds. I get that, and I glance at the clock as I write this, and kick myself, because his schedule’s been backward from mine lately, and I wanted to make some phone calls regarding that today, but I was focused on my own work and fighting a candida headache all day. There’s always tomorrow. I have almost all the rent saved already for March, and we ain’t going anywhere!

There’s some more new links over in the Blogroll, related to the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. This place just blows my mind.

Image snitched from here.

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